Nabil el Aatiaoui

Wat voor soort cliënten zijn bij jou aan het goede adres?

The clients that will benefit mostly from me are companies that are struggling with demotivated staff. These are companies that need to develop sophisticated training programs to keep their employees motivated and change the culture into a positive and prospering working environment.

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Wat is de naam van jouw bedrijf?


Wat is jouw expertise?

Back Office Treasury Control specialist. I have also held positions of team leader for a client service team within the banking industry.

Wat is jouw visie als coach/trainer/adviseur?

My key strengths are compassion and inspiration. My ability to inspire others comes mostly from my actions. I act as a role model by setting clear goals together with a reasonable method to achieve them. I am a very active listener which helps me to not only understand someone’s situation but also show great empathy. I focus on the strengths of each person instead of the weaknesses. I help people develop their strengths and talents in order to flourish both on a personal as well as on a professional level.

Wat zijn je sterke punten die je het meest waardeert?

Inspiring others

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Gevestigd: Rotterdam

Tel: +31 655 502 504