Magali Toussaint

What kind of clients will benefit the most from you?

Magali is a talented career pathfinder who loves helping others thrive in their career. She has the strong ability to build relationships, develop others and herself professionally. With this ability, she instills a love of self-learning in others and has the talent to spot people’s strengths. 
Magali is a non-typical enthusiastic, empathic and visionary coach. When working with Magali you will always be challenged in a comfortable manner and be understood according your needs. Magali manifests her “Joie de Vivre” by encouraging you to positively turn your visions into actions and come up with a concrete plan. Magali has been working with international workers throughout her professional career. She has recently guided a French expat spouse who lacked confidence to find her ideal job after just one month of working with her. After only 5 months in this new job, she has been performing at her best and we are now busy preparing for her next promotion steps.

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What is the name of your company?

U Diverse

What is your expertise?

Magali Toussaint is the founder of U Diverse, a place to find professional career guidance at a global level. As a certified career and cross-cultural coach, she guides expatriates and international workers to explore new opportunities, look for fulfilling jobs, advance in their careers, prepare for relocations abroad and adapt to new cultural environments. Magali has gained experience in recruitment, diversity and human resources in France and in the Netherlands. After years of adapting to unfit professional environments, lacking professional freedom to grow, under-using her talents, being unaware of her strengths, being constantly de-energized at work, she changed things for the better. She finally stopped being the passive passenger of her own car and became the active driver behind her own wheel. She is now fully aware of the strengths of her difference and has turned it into powers to help others find their true calling.

What is your vision as a coach/ trainer/ consultant?

As an international French worker, Magali “La Parisienne” has lived in the UK, France, Australia and is now located in the Netherlands. Magali is passionate about learning and languages. She speaks fluent French and English, in addition to using Dutch and Spanish at intermediate levels. She communicates in different languages to reach people from diverse backgrounds and learn about their culture. She has the singular ability to start conversations in the most awkward places with the most closed-up person. She understands the essence of people and is genuinely interested to ‘get to know’ people with different backgrounds and experiences. Magali highly values honesty, professionalism, ethics, quality and constant improvements in her practice. She pursued her Masters in cultural diversity and has gained certifications in human resources and career coaching through her passion for diversity and people’s development.

What are your natural talents that you most value?

Visionary coach

Contact details:

Location: Amsterdam

Tel: +31 655 832 442